Original Composition

No matter what you need, trust our team to create the perfect composition. Our vast network of composers, producers, artists and writers ensures that we will offer you original music, tailored specifically for your needs, by the best of the best. We understand that music for picture/games is often the last piece of the puzzle, so we offer immediate turnaround on to save you time.



Don't want to wait? Our extensive music catalogue ensures that you won't have to. Additionally, we save you the time of having to sort through hours of music by allowing our curators to hone in on exactly what you need. Then we can put forth only the most suitable options, leaving you with plenty of time to decide which one is best suited for your project.


Replica / "Sounds Like"

Want "Eye of the Tiger" but don't want to pay the master license? Don't have 100k to spend on the "Mission Impossible Theme"? It's a very common scenario, and we are the solution. We will create an identical version of anything you can throw at us. Or, alternatively, we can create a brand new composition that is "just close enough" to the original that it encompasses the spirit, and also matches the tonality. This will ensure that no one will mistake the vibe that you want to convey.


Recording Studio

By owning our own studio we can guarantee you not only lightning quick results, but also the ability to record anything you may need. Equipped with an excellent combination of vintage and state of the art gear, our in house staff will gladly accommodate anything you need to create your masterpiece.