Doug Naugler

El Presidente

Doug has written himself across the musical map. He has composed for film, tv, games, and even theatre. An accomplished songwriter, he has also produced close to 100 albums over the course of his almost 20 year career. He also (ed: tries to) plays every instrument you've ever heard of. His hobbies include napping.


David Oland

El Vice Presidente of Operations

David is the sharpest tack in the Think Music drawer. He has proudly specialized in entertainment law for the last decade, and is incredibly charming and kind in spite of the fact that he's a lawyer. When he's not legalling and businessing he can be found fly fishing.


DJ Kemo


Founding member of The Rascalz, Kemo has been immersed in production for the last two decades. He has won multiple Juno's, SOCAN awards, and has cracked Billboard's Top 5 more than once. No one's drums hit harder. No one's bass drives deeper. No one's beats...beat better. His turn on's include long walks on the beach, wine by the fireplace, and salsa dancing.


Steve Bays


Steve began his musical dominance as frontman of critical darlings Hot Hot Heat. He's toured the world and found himself everywhere from Letterman to Yo Gabba Gabba. His collaborations run far and wide; from Steve Aoki to Wintersleep. He continues to create as member of both Fur Trade and Mounties. He is an unflinching innovator whose elegant talent ameliorates anything it comes into contact with. He also boasts an impressive collection of paintings of Ferraris.


Davey Badiuk


Davey's work can be found all over the radio, up on the screen, and wherever quality music is sold. In addition to his many successes as a solo artist, he has become an in demand producer and writer, working recently with such artists as Dragonette, Lowell, and Sebel. He prides himself on his great looks, but between you and me, I think he needs a haircut.


Ryan Dahle


Ryan has more awards than he has room for. Although he may be best known as a founding member of Age of Electric, or Limblifter, or Mounties, he is also an inspiring producer, a masterful songwriter having worked with such artists as K-OS, Mother Mother, and Hawksley Workman. His extracurricular activities include sandwiches. 


Shaun Verrault


Shaun started his career as a founding member of the legendary Wide Mouth Mason. Insistently referred to as one of the greatest guitarists in the country, his days are spent in studios, and his nights are spent on stage. His musical contributions are far too numerous to list here, so you'll have to look them up for yourself, or just trust us when we say he is a fearless creator, a musical prodigy, and probably the only person to ever play one guitar with three slides at the same time.


Douglas Bevans


Douglas is an enigma...wrapped inside a mystery...wrapped in fashionable clothes. Best known as guitarist for DIY legends The Smalls, Douglas has not only successfully navigated all corners of the music industry as a song writer / composer / producer,  he has also been involved in countless artistic ventures that span from cueing live art demos, to building a real life trojan horse at Burning Man. Douglas is currently enamoured with Baltic state government propaganda videos.